Gajapati Rao

CEO & Partner

Gajapati is in the mobile marketing space for over 15 years now. Bavyesh Digital has been his brain child which he started in 2017. His strong understanding of the online media consumption market comes from his experience with players like Hungama, Spice, IMI and Onmobile. Gajapati aims to bring Bavyesh Digital Media as a global player in content marketing and strategy. He has been an allrounder managing client relationships, vendor relationships, ops and finance for BDM.

About Me

Apart from BDM, he loves the real estate market and is actively involved in it across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Gajapati is someone who always has a smile even in a case of adversity which has been critical in motivating the teams through ups and downs. Travelling has been a major perk of his job and he loves it.

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