Affiliate Marketing

Attribution and measurement of any marketing campaign is of utmost importance. Today, performance marketing campaigns give you the ability to run data driven campaigns and measure everything from conversion rates to cost per acquisition.

If you wish to promote your business online, drive traffic to your site, reach out to a wide selection of sites and users and pay for a desired action, Affiliate marketing is the way to go. A leading performance marketing model, affiliate marketing enables the businesses to spend only on user acquisitions coming through the efforts of an affiliate based on pre-defined goals and objectives.

Choosing the right affiliate can be challenging for businesses. Extensive research goes into finding the right match for your products and services based on the inventory reach, network, user stats, pricing and conversion volumes. Our collective experience of 10+ years in affiliate marketing helps you plan, create, implement and optimize your marketing campaigns with maximized performance.

Bavyesh Digital Media has been working with more than 1500 direct publishers and affiliates across various verticals. Our deep understanding and valued relationships with our publishers give us the leverage and access to premium inventory leading to maximised results for our clients.

Types of affiliate marketing programs:
  1. Pay per sale: You need to pay only when a customer has bought/subscribed to your product or service. It works on the principle of cost per acquisition (CPA) and is highly used by brands for customer acquisition.
  2. Pay per Lead: The advertiser decides on the information required from a prospective customer. If the all the required information is captured and validated, it qualifies as a lead and you pay for each qualified lead.
  3. Pay per click: Looking to drive relevant traffic to your website or product page? This model suits advertisers looking to boost their branding and showcase their products and services to a wider audience.
Why chose Bavyesh Digital Media as your affiliate partners:
  1. Wide network of affiliates and publishers spread across different industries and verticals globally.
  2. Dynamic team of account and delivery managers to ensure your campaigns get the attention it deserves
  3. Extensive monitoring to eliminate frauds and junk publishers
  4. Detailed reporting on key performance metrics which helps in the marketing efforts and strategy
  5. Our experience in handling high volume budgets and delivery by working with leading brands